Over the years, we have worked on many different projects: from innovative designs with new and challenging concepts to traditional designs with time-proven details. From 2,500 SF homes to 25,000 SF estates one thing remains the same: the projects that are carefully thought out run smoother, are completed sooner and cost less.

There is nothing like getting it right before we start building. That doesn't mean we can't start construction before the drawings are complete; it just means that when we do start we have a clear view of the result and good details for the stage of the work we are building.

We want to be part of the process of getting it right. Collaboration among our client, the architect, key subcontractors and ourselves is so important that we've concentrated and refined that way of doing business. We look for the highest quality projects where we can be part of the team during design. Our objective is a trusting relationship and a transparent process with our clients and their architects. Our contract is a cost-plus arrangement, most often with a guaranteed maximum price, but always open book.

Our ability to project costs early in design sets us apart. From the start we estimate costs based on data from our completed projects. We categorize costs in detail so the architect and our client can understand how different materials and systems affect the cost and schedule. As the architect develops the design, we update our estimate with competitive pricing from our usual subcontractors or subcontractors our client or architect may suggest. That way there are fewer surprises when drawings are complete and we are ready to start building.

I've been a carpenter, cabinetmaker, foreman, superintendent, and a project manager. I understand how materials go together and how to schedule the trades efficiently. I know how to work with people to get value and craftsmanship. We use the best project management software available to document the cost, schedule and contract status. We provide comprehensive monthly reports to our clients and their architects and can produce an interim report with a few keystrokes.

Computers help us organize the work, but they are tools used by people and our people are our most important advantage. I've found superintendents who I believe are the best in the business, and our field and office staff share our commitment to quality.



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